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Startups generate economic activity, create jobs, and help communities grow. Developing and maintaining a sustainable ecosystem of services to support innovative ideas is a collective goal of many communities worldwide. While each innovation ecosystem has unique structure and needs, a collaboration and networking platform is a common need for them all.

In the knowledge age, a growing number of startup companies are either born global or are aspiring to become global. In addition to collaborate and network locally, individual ecosystems must find a way to collaborate and network beyond their own communities to provide global opportunities to their members.

IdeaGist Innovation Community Network (ICN) offers a collaboration and networking platform for organizations and institutions that play a critical role in supporting startup ideas within their communities, and to entities that would like to seek commercial and/or social benefits from the development of knowledge-based enterprises.

IdeaGist ICN helps in reducing the administrative overheads associated with list building, events management, application processing, community directory development, and connecting people with each other.

IdeaGist ICN’s mission is to connect entrepreneurial ecosystems globally, creating collaboration opportunities for startup companies, accelerators, economic development organizations, entrepreneur/small business support organizations, higher education institutions, incubators, science and innovation parks, and corporations.

IdeaGist is priced low and offers discounts to countries from lower GDP per capita regions.

Key Features

  • Community Resources Directory
  • Profile Management
  • Co-Founder Listings
  • Funding Requests
  • Job Openings
  • Applicants Management
  • Startup Showcase
  • Customer and Investor Pitch Feedback
  • Problem Statement Feedback
  • Simple Message Broadcast
  • Access to a global pool of advisors, mentors and angel investors
  • Sponsorship management
  • Community Activity Dashboard


IdeaGist ICN offers subscription to:

  • Accelerators
  • Corporations
  • Incubators
  • Regional and City Level Economic Development Organizations
  • Science and Technology Parks
  • Universities and Higher Educational Institutions
  • Venture Capital Companies and Angel Networks
  • Each subscriber can either assume the leadership role in their ecosystem or be a collaborative partner with others. If you are a leader in your community or planning to assume a leadership role, please check “Community Leader” box on the order form

Use Cases

Too many ideas, too few resources—If you are receiving a lot of applications with early- stage ideas and you are turning them down because they are not mature enough or you don’t have enough resources to commit to them, you can now provide applicants a self-serve tool to work with until they are ready for your program.

Early-stage ecosystem with organic growth—If you are part of an ecosystem where things are still chaotic and your organization is in a leadership position, or if you would like to play a leadership role, you can use ecosystem resources mapping and assessment tools, and you can establish your leadership role fairly quickly.

You need to develop a network of advisors, mentors and investors to support entrepreneurs and connect them with each other, saving your staff time in sending introductory messages or planning meetings between them.

A strong community of innovators and entrepreneurs is already established and you are looking for international opportunities for your members. Joining IdeaGist ICN will connect you and your members with hundreds of communities, and thousands of advisors, mentors and investors worldwide.