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Crowdfunding has helped thousands of startups worldwide to raise money to bring their products to the market. Running a successful crowdfunding campaign is not easy and it is expensive. Campaigns are run globally, which makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to manage, and for backers it’s a difficult decision. Often, entrepreneurs are raising money for the first time and have no track record to back them up.

IdeaGist would like to combine community and collaboration with crowdfunding to address both the cost issue and help entrepreneurs build a track record.

CCN is a global network of partners that offer community level crowdfunding within their area. Each community is able to run their own crowdfunding marathons, in which many local startups can participate. Successful community startups are then given a second opportunity to pitch at a global crowdfunding marathon. IdeaGist CCN will support innovative startups worldwide, collectively raising $100 million annually, by 2020.

IdeaGist CCN is designed to help entrepreneurs at an early stage, when most startups are not ready for angel investors or VC Firms. Its purpose is to help raise seed capital for the development of a minimally viable product, and establish a track record before going for the next funding round with a better offering.

Partnership in CCN is free, and exclusive to one partner per metro area. IdeaGist is currently accepting partners globally. Please fill out the application form to apply for partnership.

Key Features


  • Capability to run your own crowdfunding portal
  • Collect a service fee to cover the crowdfunding campaign support expenses
  • Global exposure for startups supported by your organization
  • Access to a global pool of crowdfunders
  • Corporate sponsorship packages to support one or all startups in a funding round
  • Collective learning


  • Raise money to build your MVP and then go big
  • Have a community behind your startup
  • Build trust by associating your startup with your community and with a global brand
  • Low-cost, low-risk


IdeaGist CCN offers subscription to:

  • Accelerators (Non profit)
  • Incubators (Non profit)
  • Science and Technology Parks (Non profit)
  • Regional and City Level Economic Development Organizations (Government and Government Supported NGOs
  • Universities and Higher Educational Institutions

All members should be offering equal opportunity to all ideas, without any discriminations based on age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, language or social status.

Use Cases

Many entrepreneurs are looking for money to build their MVP—but you don’t have funds of your own and angel investors are in short supply. You can use CCN to help entrepreneurs raise capital at a low cost.

Your team has little to no experience in crowdfunding and you need a partner that can offer a good program and train your staff in supporting your community. IdeaGist CCN can help your staff start a crowdfunding program fast.

You like to prepare your community to get educated on crowdfunding and encourage them to back funding campaigns from their own community. You can use IdeaGist CCN to develop your own community of crowdfunders.